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    Versamail 3.1e was working fine for syncing email and calender but since I upgraded versamail 3.5 it doesn't allow self sign certificate. Since I am using Dynamic dns for exchnage hosting on dynamic DSL line it is expensive to switch to Static DSL and install SSl certificate just for versamail 3.5

    Please advise if chatteremail or snnapper support syncing of Calender and contacts with Exchnage 2003 using self sign certificate. If not please advice how to uninstall versamail 3.5 which is not install on ROM. 3.1E is install on ROM Treo 650. Thanks
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    This doesn't answer your question really but I just went through this when I upgraded to versamail 3.5 and got the SSL ROOT error which is what you described

    I got a cert (which is actually from valicert) for $20. Installed it on my companies exchange server's IIS and I am now up and working.

    Now if I could only figure out why I can't get subfolders I will be a happy man.

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