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    Is there anyway that we can limit access to our sms messages and email on treo 650
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    Lock the device when you are not using it? Ben
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    No I just want to limit access to messages and sms's. People like to play around my phone and i cannot stop them, I just don't want them to read my emails and see my message box.
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    Get one of the launchers which has security built in, and then assign a password to those apps.

    That should do it for you!

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    ^ I believe LauncherX has this feature.
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    You should just delete the messages from your girlfriend instead of keeping them.

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    does zlauncher have this feature
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    ZLauncher does not have the feature. Ben
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    You might want to give "AppLock" a try. It works ok as a first line of defense, though if the would-be intruder is motivated they could work around it.
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