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    I have the Treo 650 on Verizon,
    when I first upgraded from the 600, my Outlook contacts, to-do's and calendar would not sync,
    UNTIL i found a option in Wireless Sync under "Setup" "Connection Settings" then "Advanced" it says "enable other sync apps" Enabling this may duplicate data
    So I went and checked this option anyway, because I really wanted my contacts from outlook back on my treo.
    So IT WORKED... my contacts, calendar and tasks all synced, BUT needless to say after the second hotsync, I got duplicates of all my appointments, and all of my contacts..........(now triplicates)

    So does anyone know how I can remove the wireless sync from my software?
    Or know how I can stop this duplication thing?
    And does anyone know how to efficiently remove duplicate (triplicate) copies of contacts from Outlook, or the treo?
    Thanks in advance

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