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    How can I erase the call log?
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    Fromt he default dialer you should have something that says Call Log (mine is really customized) and from there you can start hitting the various options.

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    From the default dialer - if Call Log is not shown, then you can create a "favorites" button - either by editing a favorites button or page - let's do a page. Do your thing and in the "type" drop down, select call log and that is it.

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    Use FileZ or your favorite file explorer, find and delete PhoneCallDB.pdb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD76 View Post
    How can I erase the call log?
    Oh, it's EZ...
    From default phone menu press green phone log...drop down menu...purge or delete one by one...
    It will give you some options--delete older then 1 week...bla-bla-bla.

    Good Luck!
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    Actually I was just playing with this on my 700p, bring up the call log by pushing the green button and your numbers come up the top one is call log, choose this one, all you calls come up, press menu button, there is an option purge, choose this, then there is another option delete all, delete all but last ten, delete older then one month. You get the idea.

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