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    After a less-than-forgettable tryst with the 700wx, I reverted to the 700p. The WX's screen, as well as (I preceived) slow app loading was too much for me.

    I have now got my hands on a new Samsung IP-830w, and it is almost everything I wanted in the WX. Much faster and with a far better screen resolution (yes, 240/320 on its 3 by 4 screen is MUCH sharper that 240 by 240 on WX's square). A tiny bit bigger and less one-handed, but (against my suspicions) you DO get over that after a few days.

    My wife still has her 700p, and after a week with the 830w, I surf the net , listen to tunes and mess around on hers. My impressions are that the 700p is still a far faster machine (app to app, screen to screen- even internet page rendering on Blazer) than the 512 MHz 830w. And in terms of one-handed use and intuition-reponse, far better than the Samsung.

    So what keeps me with the Samsung? Why must I surrender to this need to have the newest gadget, when my heart tells me to go back to the P?

    Is Palm OS truly a lame duck? I NEED HEL P!!!!
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    Go with your heart. I am not into the latest as the greatest...I have my 700p and it works for what it does for me. I like to use my gadget until it looks like it has been gives it character. I honestly am not crazy about the 750v and I do like the 830, but I already got my 700p. I am also not crazy about the 680 and its colors. I will keep my 700 until something really catches my eye with performance and looks and also I still believe in Palm...I will not render to WM unless I have to. I am a smart guy...I will handle the learning curve toward another OS if needed, not because I have to have whats new. I will not get what is out to keep up with the Jones's in devices.
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    At this point, PalmOS in its current form is what you call a "lame duck". I would move to WM and if you really can't find one of your Palm apps., try using it with StyleTap.

    The Samsung is nice. Bluetooth works as it should, there's an A2DP hack for it already and once the threaded SMS app. finally works correctly, we'll be able to use that too.

    The standard QVGA res is great because you don't have to wait for developers to get off their butts to create 240x240 native versions of their apps..
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    I try to stay away from Microsoft as much as possible. At home I use Linux, at work I have to use Microsoft, I don't need it on my phone. I like the 700P a little better then the WM phones I looked at. I do like the looks of that Samsung they had one at Verizon when I got my phone and it was cool, I know it was a different model but I liked the 700p better.

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