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    Hey guys. If there is another place that this should be just let me know.

    I am a current Verizon customer and my contract comes due in December. I zero experience with smart phones, but have been looking at the SERO deal and find it to be very tempting.

    My instinct says I would like the WX better since I am a Windows guy, but that is not offered on the SERO plan and I doubt I am going to jump through hoops to try and get it...since it appears the only thing I could not do on the 700p that I could do on the WX is use a slingbox. I should still be able to stream music, IM, e-mail and internet surf.

    I guess my main question is to anyone who lives in SC who has these combination...would you mind sharing your experience as far as service and overall satisfaction goes with Sprint.

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    I've used a Treo (first a 600 and now a 700P) here in SC for the past almost four years. Sprint's just fine, although I haven't found PowerVision here yet. It's coming, though. Sprint coverage is good in all the main places along the coast, Columbia, upstate, along the interstates, etc. although in the hinterlands you'll be roaming. Unlimited PowerVision is $15/month, and they have a good variation of plans. Sprint's good nationwide, too. I'm very satisfied with the 700P and for me it was a significant step up from the 600.

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