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    I'm changing Exchange servers. I was using Active Sync to sync contacts and calendar as well as email. Email is no problem in the migration, but contacts and calender has been trickier: I have calendar and contacts on my handheld and my new Exchange server obviously doesn't have any of that data. When I do my initial sync, instead of calendar/contact data being transferred to the Exchange server (as the popup dialogue suggests), that data is erased from my handheld (as if the Exchange server is assumed to be the primary or preferred data source). Is there any way I can get my calendar/contact info from my handheld to my new Exchange server?
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    Tricky but doable... Assumming you don't have access to your old Exchange data in Outlook but ut is on the Palm... hotsync to Palm Desktop and export the data as CSV. Then import into Outlook whilst connected to Exchange. Sync your Treo and your data will be there.

    Easier way... export the pst from your old exchange profile and import it to the new one.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, but I'm using a Mac (and Entourage, the Outlook equivalent). I do have access to the data both on the old Exchange server and my Treo.

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