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    things like:

    auto update
    multiple portfolios
    charts, graphs
    stock news
    stock lookup

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    Try using the search button multiple threads will pop up with your answer
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    Use the term - stocks - and just search application thread.
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    I use stockbroker std version 1.24 (dunno if it's the newest).

    It's really good and should fulfill all the needs u listed. It's also REALTIME, no delays.
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    stockbroker pro or standard are both great. Specially if realtime updates are important to you.
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    I have Stockbroker Std. For the most part I'm happy with it, given its limitations. A peeve is that the Std version does not alphabetize the list, only the more expensive Pro version...stupid. Also, neither of these versions of Stockbroker give "real time" quotes. I would say it's relatively close to real time, sometimes only a few cents off, but delayed nevertheless.

    How do I know the Stockbroker app is not real time? Because I'm staring at a true real time quote screen on my desktop computer (ILX) at this moment, and I'm able to compare quotes side by side (as well as other info: Bid, Ask, Size, Volume, Level II, IntraDay Charting, Dow Jones News, you name it). The charting function is just so-so basic on Stockbroker, and I prefer using the Web on my Sprint 700p to go to's interactive charting for more detailed analysis (eg: fast stochastics, all events, etc).

    By the way, I have a Series 7 & 63 registered rep license, plus extensive training in technical (charting) analysis, so I have a good idea about this stuff.
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