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    All of a sudden I am having trouble getting my Treo 700p to stay off. Before yesterday I had it configured so that the only thing which would wake it was a call or an alarm. Now with no new apps and no changes (of my doing) every time I look down the darn thing is on. Iíve had Butler and Profile Care for years but I am all of a sudden unable to find the settings I want.

    Any ideas for settings or an app which will keep the thing off?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You may have an application that is set to maintain a "persistent" network connection - those would include an email program such as ChatterEmail or an IM program, et cetera. Ben
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    I had same problem with my Treo 650. the problem was with keyboard software. if you have it, the disable it and your problem is resolved.
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    I remember something about that - the keyboard software for an exteranal IR keyboard, was that it? Ben

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