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    Does anybody know if the ZCover + 700p will fit in the following cases:

    While it fit in any case? , any suggestions? This 700p with a ZCover
    needs to be "Purse Ready" for the misses. The screen is the main concern. Don't know if a screen protector is going to be enough for that battlefield (keys, pens, nail polish containers, ear rings, coins, etc. ) .

    Maybe this is a better option: (in red of course).

    Not sure how tough the leather is though and the misses likes the covered
    keypad the ZCover provides.

    Thanks in advance...
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    A 700P will definitely not fit into the Palm Hard Case (your first link) or the BodyGlove Rhythm (your second link). It might fit in those baggies in your third link. Your best bet would be to get a Sena Lateral Pouch or Seidio's Two-Toned Horizontal Leather Pouch. Either of those pouches are big enough to fit a 700P wearing a silicone skin.

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