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    I'm a diehard Treo person with a Cingular Wireless Treo 650. My syncs have always been with the Palm Desktop on my personal laptop. My employer is giving me a new laptop with more power, capacity, etc. Everybody in the company (except ME) syncs with Outlook. I would greatly appreciate opinions and reasons from both sides of the fence. TIA.
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    I sync to the Palm Desktop and my wife to Outlook. Neither of us has a desire to change. Ben
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    I used to use outlook for little bit, since I had all my contacts on my old ppc (first gen), but after a week or to switched to palm desktop and never went back to outlook.
    palm desktop does what outlook can do and seems like a lot lighter than outlook. (well, I haven't used outlook since I upgrade my computer to amd fx60...)
    no need to go back to outlook to me unless I get 700wx
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    I use Palm Desktop for the same reasons I use a Palm-based device and not Windows. Palm's interfaces are always intuitive and easy to use. Their PC interface is no exception. I look at it this way: imagine getting into your car to drive across town and seeing the dashboard of a Boeing 747 airliner rather than that of your Honda Civic. Do you really need all those switches, dials and gauges? And with Palm, like your Honda, you don't need to crack open a manual to use it. How often have you needed to access the 'help' menu with Microsoft applications vs. Palm? I've had Outlook (vs. Outlook Express--much easier to use) on my laptop for email purposes for the past year and I still don't feel comfortable using it. Unless you need it for business reasons, I wouldn't switch to Outlook.
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    I sync the treo calendar with Outlook calendar (because my schedule has to be visible to some of my collegues at work) but everything else i.e. contacts, memos, tasks etc with Palm desktop. I like the desktop's look and feel better than outlook's for these things. I had to fiddle around with the Windows registry however to make sure this will happen. Straight out of the box the conduits supplied by Palm either sync everything with Outlook or everything with the Palm desktop. In fact I would like a way to sync the treo calendar with BOTH Palm Desktop and Outlook calendar simultaneously. I used to be able to do that with an old product called Deskto-to-go (when I had a Palm III and later treo 600). But that no longer works with the recent version of Hotsync. If any one can guide me to figure out how to do that OR how to get the Desktop-to-go to work with the latest version of Hotsync - it would be much appreciated,
    Satish Joshi
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    I sync to the Palm Desktop and my wife to Outlook. Neither of us has a desire to change. Ben
    Anybody like me using Outlook Express on PC for email? If yes, how do you sync your OE email-addresses with your Treo?

    I use Palm Desktop for sync, but has problems manually syncing email addresses between OE and Versamail/Treo Contacts.

    Syncing to Outlook has one advantage: email adresses always remains updated on Treo.

    Any advice?
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    I used to detest outlook. But Outlook 2003 is improved enough that I've started using it at home for compatibility with work.
    Bob Meyer
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    I do both (Desktop at home, Outlook at work). How do I vote?
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    Just switched from Palm desktop to Outlook 2003. I really am enjoying Outlook. I spent the last two days discovering the new features & can't get enough of it. Sorry I didn't do this sooner.
    My 2 cents.
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    Does anyone know HOW to switch from palm desktop to Outlook?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zer0gage View Post
    Does anyone know HOW to switch from palm desktop to Outlook?
    If you download the latest palm desktop from Palm's site and install, it should come with a program called OutlookSwitcher.exe. This program when run with a "/Outlook" or "/palm" as an argument will switch the conduits to outlook or Palm resp. Otherwise you should be able to do it also from the original S/W installation CD that came with the Treo
    Satish Joshi

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