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    I use broadband access on my Treo 700p on a per use basis and I am nervous about leaving the network connection on. Is there any way to quickly turn it off without having to open prefs then network then click on disconnect? I would buy an app that allows me to turn it off with one button and/or have it automatically turn off if it's not being used.

    I appeciate any suggestions!

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    You can set up a macro with Voice NavIt from Voice-It Technologies.
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    I use Reset NetLib on my Treo 650; I assume that it works on the 700p. I've attached a copy.
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    I believe this freebie does the same thing:
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    Thanks, Bill, for the tip on the resetlib utility to quickly shut off the network connection. That is just what I was looking for. I appreciate you making it so easy for me by leaving me a link!

    Bill H.
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    Another option is NetConnectDA. You will need a DA launcher (I use McPhling and map it to a button), but this enables you to quickly call up a dialog box that can shut down or start up a network connection, and all without leaving your current app.
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    Don't forget that you can often disconnect from within many of the internet-capable applications.

    For example, if you've finished browsing the web through Blazer, just hit your "Menu" key, and you'll see "Disconnect" at the bottom of the default list that pops up. In Versamail, it requires one extra keypress... press the "Menu" key, then press the 5-way to the right. That'll put you in the "Options" portion of the menu, and "Disconnect" is that list.

    For apps that don't have a "Disconnect" option, I simply remapped the "Prefs" application to my side key (the one below the volume rocker), and quickly get into the Network setting. Obviously, any of the above PRCs in this thread would do the trick, too, and could be mapped to the side key
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    While this is a fine idea, these programs would only "save" you a pidling amount of data flow. Most carriers charge by the MB, not by the minute of access - in Versamail for example, once you have downloaded the email, while the orange light may continue to glow for a few moments there probably isn't any appreciable data flowing over the connection. Its the same with the periodic network checking. Its a little - no alot - like turning off your garden hose at the spigot THEN running down to turn off the service connection to be sure you don't waste any water...
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    Yes... however, it's sucking life outta my battery... AND, thing of it is, the older versions of Versamail has a "disconnect on exit" option
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