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    Palm's far more liklely to take the 680 formfactor, insert the CDMA EVDO radio from the 700p, and call it the 750p. That way Sprint & Verizon can have a higher priced, higher-margin final Palm OS device to sell through '07.

    Such a device would be the best of the 680 (no antenna, slimmer, new phone app) with the few improved bits of the 700p (EVDO, 1.3mp camera, voice recorder app). If the lag & bugs were eliminated and the BT stack up to snuff it'd make a nice swan song for the Palm OS.
    That is pretty much what I suspect. I mean let's be honest: the 680 doesn't have 3G not necessarily because Palm set out to create this "smartphone for the masses," but because the Palm OS can't, unfortunately, use GSM 3G. If it could, the 680 would probably include it.

    I don't know why I'm rambling like this, but I agree: Next summer seems like a sensible time to upgrade the 700p, because it would be a year old at that point. It would also make sense, like you said, for Palm to repackage the 680 as a 750p to Sprint/Verizon and maybe stick 3G in it.

    Here's to hoping.
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