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    I am using Missing Sync, and have been for a while. Recently, I got caught in a never-ending reset loop (think it was from a beta of chattermail). Anyways, I got everything straightened out w/ a hard reset. Now when I press the calendar button, my treo resets. When I sync w/ Missing Sync, I get no errors.

    I do a hard reset and before I sync...I can get to my calendar on the treo (granted, it's blank). But it totally messes up after I sync w/ Missing Sync. I'm at my wits end.

    What's going on??



    I unchecked Events from the Missing Sync software. This allows me to finally NOT reset when I press calendar. I don't get to sync my calendar, but at least I've narrowed it down. It has something to do w/ iCal and how Missing Sync is trying to deal w/ it.
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    If you are using unlocked GSM Treo, after a reset, on dial pad try dialing #*377 to see what is the cause of your reset..
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    I have a Cingular treo. Not totally sure about that unlocked thing.
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    so weird, I checked the events box again (so I could recreate my reset) and this time when I pressed calendar, my events were there. w00t
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    I'm not familiar with Missing Sync .. Could you revert back to the regular conduit for Calendar?

    You could then use dbScan to remove deleted records and fix the regular Calendar database.
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    Try any of these combination then, I don't know which one apply to cingular. ##377# or #*#377 or #*377
    These are code to know the reason why your treo got reset.

    But I think now the problem is solved right? Most possible thing is there's corrupted event that cause reset. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $missing$ $sync$ $didn$'$t$ $really$ $solved$ $sync$ $problem$ $between$ $mac$ ($ical$ $and$ $address$) $with$ $treo$. $It$ $some$ $time$ $creating$ $same$ $event$ $again$ $and$ $again$ ($in$ $my$ $treo$) $and$ $sync$ $take$ $so$ $long$ ($if$ $you$ $had$ $many$ $years$ $of$ $not$ $deleted$ $appointment$ $in$ $your$ $ical$) . $Made$ $me$ $frustrated$, $that$'$s$ $why$ $I$ $switch$ $back$ $to$ $ugly$ $looking$ $Palm$ $Desktop$ :-(

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