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    I have been trying without much luck to set up a bluetooth DUN connection with my laptop (Dell XPS M1210, toshiba BT stack) and my treo 650. I get all the way through the pairing and setup of the dialup account, but it *always* fails to connect.

    The only odd thing during the pairing is that the first passkey dialog on the PC disappears almost immediately, followed by an error message. Is this normal? To be clear, this is the order in which it happens:

    1. dialog pops up on treo, enter passkey
    2. dialog pops up on PC, *immediately* disappears
    3. error message pops up. "Bluetooth connection failure. Connection with XX:XX:XX:XX went wrong."
    4. a few seconds later, an identical dialog pops up on the PC, enter passkey
    5. a dialog pops up on the treo, enter the passkey again.

    What the heck is happening here?
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    The 650 is on Sprint.
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    I have seen this behavior as well. I thought I just wasn't fast enough.

    Does it actually work when you do this process? I thought maybe I paired it wrong. I think I only get this when using the Microsoft BT stack- but at least it WORKS for DUN. The Toshiba BT stack doesn't have this problem- but it never works for DUN.

    Somewhat related, check out this thread:
    PalmIII -> PalmV -> Sprint Treo650 -> Treo755P -> Pre

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    I had similar problems with the Dell 350 (Toshiba) BT Stack. I contacted Dell and they provided instructions on how to uninstall the Toshiba Drivers. Once Windows XP started handling the BT Device DUN worked fine. Here is the response from Dell and a link to their uninstall procedures.

    "I was thinking this was a Treo issue, until I read further down. One of my teammates confirmed that you need to run the Microsoft version of the Bluetooth stack, and not the Toshiba version. Now, this particular issue is unsupported, but I can give you the information, since it appears on our site:

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