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    I am a new treo 700p user. I have attempted to use VersaMail and grew tired, frustrated and .

    After looking at the discussion forums I decided to try Chatter. I currently have a yahoo mail account (pop access). In this account I have ~20 folders (with ~80MB of mail total). Most of these folders are used for organizing read and unread emails. Chatter seems to have a limitation of 7 imap folders? Is there a limit for pop folder support?

    How can I use chatter in an pop3 environment to get around the limitations of a web based interface (no enclosure handling) on the 700p. I need ssl access (which i get via yahoo's wap), notification (which i currently do via the mobile alert feature), a good UI. I need access to all 20 folders thru the mail client. I want the mail client to use as little resources as possible (battery drain concerns). I would like the mail retrieved from the server only when it arrives (maybe using the sms feature if I understand it correctly). Persistant connections are not needed or wanted. I want the email client as quiet and as dormant as possible (I don't want to know its there until I have a message).

    Can chatter meet these requirements?

    What are the setup procedures for this in a pop3 environment using Chatter (links to how to documents are ok)?

    Can this be accomplished in an imap environment? if so how is this setup? (I have a fastmail imap account also for testing).

    Which implementation pop or imap is easier on the battery? or is there any difference at all?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you using a free or paid Yahoo account? Assuming it is a paid account you might want to consider forwarding your Yahoo mail to an IMAP provider (I use FastMail). You can maintain your Yahoo address and use FastMail to send/receive but appearing to come from Yahoo.

    In FastMail, create a Personality in options with your Yahoo address as the display address, e-mail address, and reply to address. If you send messages from FastMail's web interface, you can use the Yahoo personality so messages sent from there appear to come from Yahoo.

    In Chatter, set up an SMTP profile for Yahoo and enter the Yahoo SMTP information. When you send messages from Chatter, select the Yahoo profile (lower right corner from within a message) and the message will appear to come from Yahoo.

    Assuming you do not retain messages on Yahoo once you set this up, you will never need to log into Yahoo to check for mail as it can all be managed from FastMail.

    Such a setup will give you the advantages of IMAP but you can keep your Yahoo address and Chatter works excellent in that regard. Using the Chatter Matrix program will provide your SSL needs and you don't need to use SMS.

    I find using the Chatter battery efficiency options to eliminate any battery life problems.

    Give this a try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how well it works.
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    MarkY, Interesting idea... I understand what you are saying but I want to keep the cost and complexity down as well as keeping my 80mb of messages (yes I am a pack rat and I don't see that changing any time soon ). I also only want to deal with one email account. Changing email address although painful will be done if I see the payoff long term.

    What I am looking for is one of the following combinations:

    1. Chatter <-> Fastmail (imap or pop)
    2. Chatter <-> Yahoo mail plus (pop)

    I am currently using the secure web interface to access mail in my Yahoo account. All folders are visible but navigation is slow when moving between folders.
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    Chatter has no limitation to the number of IMAP folders. Ben

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