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    I was doing a shell swap on my 650 and I messed up - it was totally on me, I broke the connector on the motherboard that holds the ribbon cable from the keyboard.

    The problem this presents is that the cable is not held into the connector any longer. I have looked it over pretty good, and it looks like the only connections on the ribbon cable are on the bottom (it doesn't appear to be double sided) so I thought I could wedge the cable into the connector with a thin piece of cardstock... Seemed to work, held the cable really well, but still no keyboard functionality - at least not completely - some keys work, some don't.

    Is that ribbon cable actually double sided? is it connectors on the end and one side (maybe I'm not getting it seated well enough to begin with)? Or am I just completely screwed?

    I had been thinking about selling the phone and going a different route anyway, so I guess I just knocked the resell value from decent to crap - huh?
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    I have fiddled with it more, and in trying different methods to hold the cable into the connector I am getting closer. Most of the keys work now - but not all...

    Any suggestions?

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