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    i have a 700p and i am trying to charge my 700p with my office's desktop computer's usb port

    i do not have admin rights on this win2000 machine and will not be able to get admin rights to install 700p on this machine - i do not want to sync- i just want to use the usb port to charge

    when i plug the usb charge cable and the 700p i get a loop "finding new hardware- which fails and starts all over again" once again i do not want to install all i want to do is charge

    i was able to do this w/ my old t600 but something is diff't w/ the700. is it a windows problem? is it something w/the 700p?

    any guidance would be appreciated
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    Curious about this as well...
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    i've had the same issue on my home desktop, which does not have the palm desktop software installed (i sync my 700p to my laptop which does have it installed). I think having the software installed is a requirement for the 700p to be recognized and thus being able to be charged.
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    Hmm, that seems unlikely. The USB port shoves 5 volts down the line no matter what software or device is involved. I'll try connecting my 700P to a machine w/o Palm software loaded and see what happens.
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