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    Is there any chance we could get at least the option to have deleted emails marked read? I use bolded new items to kind of drive my attention, and it's frustrating to me to hit DEL in the popup screen, only to see the email still marked new/unread when I get back to my desk or even to the mailbox. Thanks for the consideration!

    Anyone else like this idea?
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    Deleted messages should be marked read (IMAP).

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    When I delete an unread message from my inbox (without opening it), it shows up in my trash as unread. I agree with ricochet that it would be great if it showed up in the trash as read. My two cents.

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    All unread emails that I delete from the mailbox view are not marked read. I have to open the email, and then hit D, to delete them and mark them read.

    Using fastmail's IMAP connection on a sprint 650.
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    I think this is a GREAT suggestion.

    I also find it a bit annoying when I see that my "trash" has unread items.
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    Marc, your comments suggests this is a bug. If so, any chance it could make it into a beta?
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    I'll look...

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    i have the same problem , im using Aim and Fastmail IMAP and deleted messages still show up unread
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    Maybe along the same lines:

    I get a new msg, delete it from the pop-up, but the flashing alert doesn't go away until I run Chatter.
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