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    I'm about to go nuts. It's not that I can't sync at all, it's that it's inconsistent. One day it will work fine, next day, it won't even recognize that I'm pressing the sync button on the cable, next day it will appear that all is syncing fine, but the calendar and contacts aren't updated.

    My current setup:
    Dell Notebook with docking station
    WIN XP Pro
    Treo 650 on VZW
    ACT! 2006
    ACT-Link software for connecting to my Treo
    I do not use my Treo for email, so that's not an issue.

    I can't figure out if this is a USB issue, a docking station issue, Palm, ACT!...the list goes on.
    Since it is so inconsistent when it works, it's impossible to pin down the cause, and it's really starting to tick me off.
    I've done all the things that Palm's Knowledge Library suggests:
    Soft reset
    disconnect the device and reconnect
    clean the connector
    checked my configuration of Hotsync

    One bizarre thing that happens...when I boot, sometimes I'll get the HotSync icon in my toolbar tray, and other times it won't show up, so I'll have to click on it from my Start menu. Again, inconsistency is rampant.

    I've called ACT! tech serv several times, and thru uninstall and reinstall of just about everything, it works, but then after a few days or weeks, I'm back to sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    Does ANYBODY have any ideas? I used to use Companion Link, but I don't know if this is the answer either. haven't tried that yet, but maybe I should.
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    So I plug in the phone this afternoon. Keep in mind I've been trying to sync this d*mn thing for a week with no success.
    I goes through the sync process. The calendar transfers task items from ACT!, but doesn't recognize the closed appointments from the past week that I've closed out.
    The saga continues.
    Motorola Digital Plip --> Nokia 6100 --> Nokia 8200 --> Kyocera 7135 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650
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    I have trouble too. Using a cingular 650 and Act for Palm 2.0 and ACT 2006. I have to re-install about every 7 to 10 days to keep it working.

    Are you using ACT Link or ACT for Palm?

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    I now use Companionlink to sync my 700p with my Act 2006 database. It's the best move I made, reliable, easy once it is set up and their support is great.

    Do a search on it, all the information I know came from a thread on these boards.
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    Tell on CompanionLink...How do you clear a meeting on the Treo. I can't find it. I don't want to delete it, just clear it. I add my notes from the meeting, but the calendar item stays active on the Treo. I have to Sync, go to ACT on the PC and (with the notes there) clear the meeting.


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    I've been using Companionlink with ACT 2006 on my 650 and it works well. To complete an activity you go into your calendar and put a "/" or "\" in front of the type and it will be marked complete upon hot sync.

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