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    Due to some water damage I just received a replacement phone from the insurance company. Since this coincides with a new firmware update from Verizon I thought that I would get that all working first and then restore all my data.

    To get all the firmware and latest docs to go etc I have been sync'ing to a temp user.

    Can I then resync to my old user but keep the application docs to go and any new data I may have entered on my phone?

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    I would copy the temp file information you want to keep and paste it into your real user name file.
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    any description of which files?
    What is the difference between the directory backup and archive

    Under the folder address there is:
    a .dat .bak
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    .dat = data file
    .bak = backup file - usually older and created as a simple backup
    .aba = archive
    uiprefs.dat = user preference data file: This file is very small typically and it's only storing settings from the handheld.

    And as I stated before - there is no way to merge this data from one user name to another except to Copy and Paste.

    Here is one thing you can do however: On the desktop - open the temp4 user file and export the records via the file menu to a .csv file. Be certain when you export that you check the box that says "Export all records" otherwise it will just export the single record that you are on.

    Then go into the username you want to use and reverse this process - and import those records via .csv.

    You'd be doing the same basic steps as a copy and paste but perhaps this will make it easier?
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    good tip thanks

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