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    My Cingular branded, but unlocked, Treo 650 has picked up a new and aggravating habit today. Software is 1.17-CNG, firmware is 1.51, and hardware is A.

    Immediately after a HotSync with my PC the Treo performs a reset. No major problem other than I have to remember to turn the phone back on. Reviewing my HotSync log shows no new applications since June, which is correct. I have been pulling my e-mail, using VersaMail, but this is the same as it has been for the last year.

    I have performed a hard reset and it continues in this manner. I performed a search but couldn't find anything that seemed to reference this. Anybody have any advice/ideas?

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    What do you have installed? I would look for anything that runs in the background. When I had this problem, it went away when I unchecked "automatically update after reset" in the preferences for Butler.
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    Nothing exceptional and certainly nothing new since 21 June. However the problem just started today. I just changed my network preferences from MoHiSp-Cingular Net to MEdia Net and, while it still reboots after a HotSync, it does turn the phone back on.

    But the underlying question is: Why did this start today and, assuming that I go back to MoHiSp for data connectivity what can I do about the reboot/telephone off issue? Especially since I cannot edit the MoHiSp settings.
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    The last thing to get backed up is Saved Preferences. That could be corrupt.

    Try enabling just one conduit at a time to narrow the list of suspects.
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