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    Looks like Palm is spending their time tweaking the 650...

    I wish they would move on to the 700p and get us some relief.
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    In a way, this is a good sign. I mean, now we know they've not stopped support at all. If they're still supporting the 650, a fix for the 700 should be in the future.

    Logically, it doesn't make sense to still support "outdated" devices and not new maybe now they'll be able to concentrate on a 700 patch.
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    I understand people wanting an update, I really do. But as laurenke mentioned, if you had a 650 device that had issues would you want them to give up on getting you updates cuz they came out with a newer device? I wouldn't. On the same front, yes an update is needed but do you want the update to ACTUALLY fix the problems, or are you just wanting an update just for the sake of an update. I am sure they are working on the issues, and once problems are fixed and stable they will have an update. That is the way it works. I don't want them to just throw something out there so people can say they gave us an update, and then start hearing the rants again that it didn't fix anything. That seems to be what most of you are asking for. Let them fix the problems and then get the proper update out to us.
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    Verizon only.............?????
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    Looks like the only "biggie" (unless it fixes the half-duplex BT issue) is:

    o Enhancement to Date/Time preference panel to address daylight savings time and network time issues

    Anyone else agree?

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    the 700p it the updated palm 650 remember?ever heard of evdo?the only difference is the evdo rather than regular vision.high speed internet
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    This is "old." Ben
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    Ha, geez.. This is the firmware that GSM got back in around February timeframe. I guess it took that long for Verizon to do their "thing" to it.

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