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    I recently purchased my first Treo 700p and i absolutely love this little device however, i am seeing some of the limitations already with the email applicatoin as well as the limitations of wireless sync service.

    so after reading for the past two days, i am not sure anyone has solved this problem. i have outlook 2003 at home which is my primary machine with all my contacts (business and personal). my company's work email application is lotus r5. and finally, i have 2 IMAP personal accounts.

    so far, i went through the beginning steps and installed the palm application but chose the outlook option. so i sync'd my outlook contacts during the process. next, i signed up for wireless sync and then all my contacts were uploaded to WS and successfully allowed me to get my personal IMAP emails.

    now today at work, i added my work email (lotus) to my palm and then everything above sync'd to my lotus. all my tasks, some emails and calendar. needless to say, it was not a good thing.

    is there a way to use wireless sync and only allow my work emails and contacts to sync to my treo? i dont want my personal emails and calendars sync'd and going to my work.

    oh, i took a look at the chapura pocketmirror application, but i am not sure if that will work with lotus. i dont think it will.

    so am i dead in the water? if so, the only thing i can think of is to create a mail agent that will forward my work email to my treo. and that would not really be the best solution

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    ok, lemme simplify:

    is there anyway i can configure wireless sync to prevent my work email (lotus) from accepting my personal email and personal contacts?


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