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    This is all new to me.

    I downloaded the VOYP program and follow its instruction to register an account in FWD (which I take it is like the a pop3 mail account for VOIP or something),put in the server/SIP port/user/pass info. VOYP tried to connect and gave me the "DNS could not be resolved" error.

    What's the deal, should I use some one other than FWD or VOYP is not working for 700p?
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    Well, I registered an account in Gizmo (, their setting seem to be able to connect.

    But WHAT THE HELL, this program doesn't use the speaker and microphone of the Treo?!? I have to use a earpiece? I don't have an earbud that has the speaker build in to make test call now. Any one else has comments?

    BTW GIZMO seem to be a pretty cool service. They let you show the caller ID/number when you buy a number from them, which Skype doesn't offer. Skype always show the freaky 0123456 number when you use it to call other cell phones.

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