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    I have backupbuddyvfs on my Treo 700p I had a crash and when I try to restore it says "No files are available". However I can see the backups on the card and all the checkpoints using Filez.. This is the first time I have seen this problem. How can I fix the program so that the program can see the backups on the card.

    I have backupbuddyvfs on both the card and internal. The backups are on the card and they are all there????

    I have tried reinstalling backupbuddyvfs and copying to card.
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    I was able to find the problem. When the program asked me for a name I thought it wanted the password. It game me an additional Hotsync ID sort of. It was in the list of backups with no entries. I deleted that entry with filez and all is well now.

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