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    My palm 700p is continually resetting with the ACCESS Powered screen and the palm logo screen. I've tried multiple resets with the pen, whaty next???

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    If you have your RAM backed up with an app like Resco Backup or Backupman, you can do a warm reset (press the up d-pad and press the reset at same time) and then do a restore of your Palm "Prefs" file. If you don't, you will have to delete the Prefs file from RAM after the warm reset and basically rebuild your PDA. That would be a strong encouragement for getting one of the above backup apps!
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    System reset worked, I have backup buddy so I was covered without loosing too much.

    Basically, I was using the launcher in 2day to launch Docs To Go and the phone reset itself with the phone off. When I tried to turn the phone on, it got into an endless resetting loop!

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    reset and hold the up key on the 5-way dial. keep holding the treo completely reboots to the phone. you now have booted in 'safe mode' nothing loads at startup. now u can delete files that otherwise u couldn't
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    I have launched into safe mode, and I no longer get resets. However I cannot turn on the radio to use text, email, phone etc. If I do a soft reset it then goes back to the endless resets. Any advise on how to get around this?
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    Radio doesn't work in Safe Mode. It's just for bypassing some startup extensions so you can get into the OS and deal with a rogue application and/or setting. If you can't get back up in regular mode try installing ResetEmu and tracking down the bad application and deleting it.

    Be aware that there were some 700p's that were defective and exhibited the reset screen problem after a few days of use - bad RAM or firmware or something (I was one of the lucky recipients).

    If you do a hard reset and it still does this afterward - bring it to Sprint and show them there aren't any third-party apps installed but it's still resetting - in this event don't take "third party application is doing it" for an answer.
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    I will try this, thank you. I have had my phone for 3 months and all of a sudden it starts resetting. Thank you again.
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    I figured it out it was Docs to go that was the culprit. Thank you for you help in fixin this.

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