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    Available here. Select your carrier.

    Edit: Misleading new on Palm's page. Update is for Verizon.
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    It looks like only Verizon.

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    I didn't click through any of the links but Alltel, Cellular South, Cingular, Rogers, Sprint, Telus, and Verizon all had links along with Other CDMA and Other GSM. Earthlink had sorry not available.

    Could be another case of page up early on Palm's part?
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    That's a generic page where all of the most recent firmwares are linked from. So if Verizon releases an update, like they just did, then the link will go to Verizon's page where it will show the new update.
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    The udpate works nicely. Yesterday something happened and all of a sudden the 650 would not connect to Sprint. I would just see "Network Search..." but it never connected. After applying the patch per Palm's site (mind you, Sprint didn't even have 1.13 on their support site; man! Sprint's support STINKS!!!), I've got things back up and running.

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    I have been having problems updating my TREO 650 with the new Verizon 1.05 software. I get a Gen Error 0x10060380. I noticed that there was a thread last year with a similar error for a Cingular update. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue

    I would appreciate any help


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