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    OK, so I'm a big fan of Opera, even though you need to install the Java Runtime to use it.

    The latest version has always been pretty reliable for me, until very recently. I found that long-ish pages from Wikipedia would freeze up the whole Treo (I use a T650 from Verizon). Just before this, I noticed how sometimes images in wikipedia articles wouldn't appear.

    Last week it dawned on me that this might be memory related, I just installed some new software into my Treo before all this Opera Freezing started.

    I started by Increasing the Java Preference called "Set Memory Maximum" for Opera. I had initially set it for 4MB and things worked fine for months. I tried to set it higher to 8MB.

    I then noticed that long Wikipedia articles, which before had been divided into 2 pages (it said "1 of 2" pages displaying on the top of the screen) were now a single page. Hmmm. I guess this means that Opera will use as much memory as it can find. But then it froze on pages that were fine before.

    Then I went the other way with memory. i set the Java Preference to 1MB of memory. Now long pages are divided into 3 or 4 pages, but all the graphics show up and I haven't had a crash yet!

    I guess this is happeneing: Opera tries to use as much memory as Java says it can, but it doesn't actually check to see if that memory is free, or even there. Then it loads the page, has a problem with the non-free memory, and then freezes. But setting the memory to a low value tells Opera not to even think about using any more, and the page get further divided.

    In other words, you don't set the memory value to "what you think an app wants or needs." Instead, you set the memory to "how much free memory you actually have that you can let an app use." And in Opera's case, it acts accordingly.

    For the past week, since I made this discovery for myself, Opera has been Rock-Stable.

    Maybe someone else will find this usefull...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Isn't it just amazing how important free memory is - if everyone would just pay attention to it, problems would be fewer. I ahve about 38 megs available on my 700p and I still keep a close watch on free memory.

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