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    I was able to set up VersaMail to work with my Gmail just fine. The problem now is that I don't have the space on the Palm to put all my mail (considering I've kept ALL my mail from day one of activating my gmail account, over 3000 emails). I saw the option to only sync from the last 7 days, but it always gives me an error saying that it cant import all those messages because of the setting to get mail from the last 7 days.

    Should I get Chatter Mail+, assuming that it will allow me to do this with Gmail? Anyone else having similar experience or know of a solution?
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    go into Gmail and change your POP settings to only download mail "from now on." This will help you immensely.
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    The fix Tlbradl mentions does work, though if you still want to keep all of your email available (but not necessarily on the device), then take a look at ChatterEmail and get a temporary subscription to an IMAP mail provider such as Everyone.Net or Fastmail - I use both and am just tickled green at the ability to have my mail regardless of where I am.


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