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    Hi I have been using Goodlink on my 650 with my hosted Outlook on Exchange with my online provider in the UK - only costs me about 60 ($100) per year for Goodlink. Plus data charges.

    Overall - impressed and like the service. However get annoyed when the odd bit of spam gets through and makes me get my phone out and deal with it.

    Also I am not a road warrior - could perhaps manage with Syncing everytime I am at a desk and boot up my laptop.

    Wondering about getting a 750v and is it realy worth going down the Goodlink route. What extra things will I get with Goodlink.

    I have been rather annoyed with my 650 having been "taken over" by Goodlink, I had to do quite a lot of clearing out of programs before installing to give suficiend memory and in the process lost some lists etc off my card due to mistakes in transfering.

    If I want to be able to send emails on the move, check emails when I have some spare time (over the air) and want the befefits of using all the WM5 applications on the phone (different callanders), ability to sync with my hosted Outlook on Exchange server with fasthosts.

    It may be that my data costings will go through the roof if I am not careful as we pay through the nose here in the UK.

    Am I correct in saying I that I can get this with Active Sync?

    All I will miss is instant syncing of emails and callender (which currently annoys me anyway - as I do not actually NEED it for work)

    What does the team think?

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    I have a 750v with Goodlink right now and love it. I was using ActiveSync over Exchange at first and found that my emails weren't being delivered as fast. However, I had a 700wx and ActiveSync was awesome. So, I'm not sure I understand why it wasn't working as well on the 750v...just my experience.

    From what you said in your post, I would recommend doing the OTA ActiveSync. Goodlink does take up alot of space but my device is still very snappy with the extra memory in the 700wx and the 750v. Personally, I like all the apps in Good. Calendar view, email, tasks (especially email and tasks), notes, contacts...they're all good for me.

    If you're worried about the data costs and constant syncing isn't a necessity for you, maybe you should just use Exchange ActiveSync and set it to manually sync when you want to check/send email?

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