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    I was interested in the Vaja T77 Case with the visor.

    Is the visor just a cutout, or does is it actually a screen protector.

    Vaja claims it protects the screen and I doubt a cutout would protect the screen.

    I also noticed Vaja doesn't allow you to select the Rivet Clip, anyone know why?

    One last thing, anyone carry a T77 in a lateral pouch?

    I found this thread, , but that wasn't a lateral pouch.

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    Well, I got a response from Vaja, if anyone is interested.

    There's an actual plastic screen protector.

    I'm still torn between the T7 and T77 with visor though.

    I'm probably gonna keep it in my pocket because I don't think I'm a holster type of guy.

    I like the treo being protected with the T77 with Visor, but I'm not looking forward to the extra thickness.

    Anyone want to give their opinion?


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