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    What is the file structure for the 650? By that I mean, when files get transferred, where do they end up? I transferred via Bluetooth an MP3 but can't find it on my device anywhere.

    Also, I want to transfer other MP3s from my PC but how do I go about doing so? There doesn't seem to be an obvious file transfer utility. I tried Palm File Browser but that doesn't seem to let me do anything, not even connect (via USB).

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Get a copy of Filez and you can explore the file system. Just google it....or do some searching on the board.
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    Palm File Browser has two components, one on the handheld and one on the PC. Start the handheld app, then connect the cable (or connect the cable first and start the handheld app), then start the PC app.

    If you BT a mp3 file, it should end up on a SD card, unless you have an app on the Treo that converts it into a .pdb as it's received.
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