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  • PDABomb

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    I am looking at getting an encryption package for my VDX, and I have been looking at Jawz DataGator and PDABomb. I would love some feedback from users of either as to how they like them.
    I've read through both web sites and gone over their differences, and would like some feedback on how significant these differences really are.
    For example: PDABomb states that locks out the debugger and IR port when locked. Is that really that big a deal if the data is encrypted?
    Other questions:
    How easy are the packages to use?
    How much do they affect performance?
    Can they be uninstalled without having to reload all your data?
    Do they work with the Flash Memory Modules? If not, in what way don't they work (Can't use module while running encryption. Can't encrypt data on the module. etc.)
    How configurable are they for just covering specified databases?

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    I want to got feedback about cryptinfo
    I tried it and it seems nice.
    but I don't want to waste 12 dollar before I'm sure that it's a good software.
    Have A Good Day!
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    PDABomb rocks!!
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    I just D/Led CryptoPad and am using that. I like it so far, but all it crypto's is the notepad. Which for me is just fine. It uses BlowFish, if anyone cares. And the best part is that it is free.

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