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    I love mine, my father liked mine so he got himself one. My wife liked mine so we got her one. If that tells you anything. As far as problems. You say you read all the problems people are having with them, if so then you should have also read as mentioned that most of the problems are caused by 3rd party apps that aren't quite ready for the 700p yet or are still in beta. Yes there is bound to be issues with some software here and there, it is afterall a little computer. But you deal with it. Yes they say there are some problems with Bluetooth, that being one of the major problems it has, I personally haven't had much an issue with it, but I also haven't used the bluetooth constantly other than for GPS. I do have a headset and anytime I have used it, it works great. But I don't use it as often as most I am sure.

    But it boils down to what you want and are after. Many people are happy with it, you just have to weight the pro's and cons. Good Luck.
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    Love my phone(700P Sprint) I mean emails, movies, mp3, games......etc. Cant beat the easy of use too. But it definetly needs a firmware update for it to be almost perfect.

    P.S "Almost perfect" because of no wifi.
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    My 700p absolutely rocks. EVDO is incredible. It is a minicomputer, that I just happen to be able to make fone calls with. Regarding the firmware upgrade, we do need one, and I'm sure that it will happen in the near term. There were 2 firmware upgrades with the 650 and there is no reason to think that since the Cingular upgrade fones are coming out (750, 680) that for any reason 700p users won't see an upgrade.
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    I'm very with my 700p, and don't mind the small amount of lag. So far, the unit is keeping me happy.

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    Love it, Love it, Love it!
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    Bluetooth could be WAY better (way buggy). And the lags are annoying but I can live with them (with the hope they'll be fixed).

    EVDO (and USBmodem) rocks!

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    the 700p needs a firmware update to be perfect...but mine is snappy. chatter e-mail is awesome...tomtom 6 gps is killer...and my bluetooth is flawless with my car's built in bluetooth.
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    I was ambivalent about keeping this device during the trial period, but I've bought in as my trial period expired last night.
    I think the most important user feature needed is patience.
    1. This device has an unusually long learning curve if you're updating from another Treo. I don't mean figuring out the OS. I mean figuring out whether your re-installed programs work and solving many of the bugs. I think I'm almost there after 2 weeks.
    2. Patience with the delay. When I first got the 700, I assumed after 5 or so seconds that every white screen was a freeze and went through a soft reset (it also takes significantly longer to go through a boot sequence compared to the 600). I now realize that it is a delay and not a freeze, just sigh and wait 30-60 seconds. Sure its frustrating but there are few circumstances in which 30-60 seconds are deal breakers and if they were I would never leave my office. All in all however, it would be better with a FW update and no delay/freeze.
    3. Better - more memory(don't launch programs from card anymore), excellent screen resolution and EVDO. And the biggest issue with EVDO for me is not speed but no diverted calls to voicemail while online.
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    I think the 700p is twice as good as the 650. The EVDO is so awesome, I use it for email, movies, TV, recorded books, games, Bible, internet browsing and streaming music from internet (200+ christian music stations).
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    Eh, I dun' know if I like it that much. Riiiiight.

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    I've only had mine for a few days, but so far it's every bit as stable as my 650 was (which was very stable). My only real gripe is that a few of the programs I considered real important on my 650 don't work correctly on the 700 (Profiles, KB Lights Off, RadioState to name a few). But there are substitutes, I think.
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    Love Mine! Zero Problems.
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    I love my 700p when it works, and most of the time it does. I'm on my second 700p, the first one was replaced because of the Access Logo Reset Loop issue. The problems I have with both of my 700p's are as follows, and I am not the only one with these problems...

    • SMS freezes upon delivery confirmations with VZW customers, this is solved by clearing my chat logs of other VZW customers about once a week
    • my SE HBH-662 doesn't work well with the 700p at all, but it worked flawlessly with my 650
    • the 700p spontaneously reboots from time to time, but this doesn't bother me that much as I should probably reboot it regularly anyway, much like Windoze
    • it sometimes crashes when I try to do something slightly complicated, like opening up an image viewer from Chatter to look at an attachment, or opening up an URL in Chatter
    • long lags starting the web browser from time to time

    Despite these problems I still love the phone, it simplifies my life... I like having my PIM info with my at all times, I like the camera and uploading to Flickr or Flix msg it to friends over EVDO, the recent introduction of PalmOS native Google Maps kicks a$s!! Chatter absolutely rocks for emails, with MissingSync syncing with my Mac works flawlessly, with NotifyLink I get emails and OTA PIM sync with my Outlook account at work, with USB Modem I can get online via USB or BT with my Mac and my work laptop, with a 2GB SD card I get to have all my documents (in PDFs) with me at all time, and DataViz office suite and pdf viewer work pretty well. The list goes on (handyshopper, treoalarm, memo pad, keyring, etc etc)...

    I can't find another device in the N. America market that can do all these things I want, I am hopeful that Apple would release something amazing, but it's doubtful that VZW would get it, but we'll see...
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    Love is a strong word...I really like my 700p. Any issues with resets, crashes etc. have usually been caused by me and I have aquired patience with the intermittent lag awaiting a firmware update inspite new Palm devices are being released. My biggest gripe is my earbud jack is faulty allowing me to only hear my music from one earbud after one light issue with it being pulled out under a little I have had twenty dollar walkmans I have dropped down flights of stairs, ripped earphones out of tearing the wires and they keep ticking but my $600 Treo's jack stops working when you breath on it.
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    I love my Verizon 700p as well. Haven't had any resets but have noticed the lag when opening the web browser and that's rather annoying... This is my 4th Treo and I have to say, I am still trying (after several weeks) to get used to the new keyboard layout. I really miss the power/end button being where the "Home" button now is. I hate that. And I was so used to the menu button being up on the top ... I keep reaching for it. Ackkk... I suppose in time I will get used to that. Otherwise it's the same as my 650. A firmware upgrade to fix these lag times would be most welcome.
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    Here's my take: I LOVE MY 700p!

    Now, the fine print. Following the love-hate analogy, like in any relationship, one has to live with the object of your affection while knowing (and accepting) its flaws. And here are the flaws that you have to learn to live with:

    • Bluetooth: it's iffy at best. Once you get your headset/handsfree paired, it's the greatest of times! But alas, if for some reason you mess up something, say walk away from range while paired, you will have to re-pair (yes! bad pun intended!) your headset with the phone going through a soft reset to make it work.
    • Battery life: 700p is a bit of a power hog... you almost require the Seidio extended battery if you plan to use the phone in all of its glory (phone/data/multimedia)
    • Programs may/may not work: There are still a few programs out there that have not been fully tested and validated with the 700p. Most of them will run decently, others can make you go into infinite loops if you are not careful.
    • The lag: sometimes when in low coverage areas, the Treo will keep trying to get a lock on the signal and this means it will not do anything else. This will freeze it for a while, and that can get on your nerves from time to time... also, it has been reported that certain apps have the capability to increase the amount of lag in the phone, mostly those running in the "background"...
    • No WiFi available: Again another element of debate. If you love and almost demand WiFi connectivity, the 700p it's not for you, but if you are willing to give EVDO a chance, you may find it that lack of WiFi is something you can actually live with and stand proud in the crowd while doing it.

    But not everything is bad. Here are the strong and solid points of this whole affair:

    • Blazer! On a true side-by-side comparison with a Mobile IE (from an XV6700), Blazer loads and displays webpages really fast and does quite a respectable job for 90% of webpages I have visited.
    • Pocket Tunes! Stream audio and play MP3 files! No need to add anything extra to enjoy this on the stock 700p. Now, if you want to play protected media from subscription-based music stores, I believe you have to upgrade it... but it is possible to do it...
    • One hand operation: No other device that I know of (except another Treo perhaps) matches the true one-handed operation of this bundle of joy. Now that I think about it, it makes me feel a bit dirty given the love context we have given to this post
    • Google Maps! This is and I kid you not, THE app to have for the 700p. Yes, it may not link to a GPS unit for car navigation, but heck you seriously need to try it out to really see what power this little beast holds. And this may be one of the best usages for that data plan, other than the infinite amount of spam I get in my inbox every day...
    • Tons o' software! Yes, maybe a few programs don't run quite flawlessly on the 700p, but the amount of available software for the PalmOS is almost infinite... there's a bit of everything for everyone.

    The Treo WORKS! I mean, it is the perfect integration of each of its parts that make the Treo such a powerful tool. It's that seamless integration of PIM, software, HW and all that gives the experience that Treo lovers have come to accept... yes, it may not be perfect but sure does it strive to be the best smartphone around...

    Oh my 700p, if I only knew how to quit you... not!
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    Assuming you can manage the monthly cost of a voice AND data plan, the Treo 700p is awesome! You may have to do some tweaking and let go of some older apps that don't play well with NVFS and a phone, but mine is very stable now and I love . . . er . . . uh . . . strongly like it!
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    loooove my 700p...

    Glad to see shadowmite has one... maybe we can see him work some magic on this bad boy!
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    3 1/2 years with a Treo 600 and now 2 months w/ Treo 700p. Both were and are absolutely great tools.

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    I waited for the 650 to hit the market because I was spoiled with the Sony Clie's HiRes screen. Loved the 650 but hated the slow internet. When they put out the 700p....Sprint....I jumped on it and have been pleased ever since. Yes...there are *****s and gripes but stay away from the 3rd party software until a ROM update. I'm using some 3rd party stuff but have had to get rid of others....oh well.
    Most of the whining comes from users that STILL don't realize that the corporate world does not give a rip about us first adopters. We're the beta testers to them. We're doing the work for them that should have been done in the lab or factory!
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