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    Blazer gives me a Browser Error dialogue box when I try to go to a web site. Neither bookmarks or entered URLs will work. The error message says "Unknown Error.URL:" or whatever the URL is that I try. I have done a couple soft resets but no luck.
    Mike G

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    I too am experiencing this error on my ever faithfull Treo 650. It just started doing this about 3 days ago after several years.
    I did a HARD reset and it still does it...
    Palm had no suggestions...
    I am wondering if my provider (Rogers in Canada) has some control over some parameters that may have changed.

    I have since added the free Opera Mini and the IBM stuff and it works fine, and is way better than Blaser anyway. Should have switched long ago...
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    Every time i use blazer now i get a soft reset after the session is done. no idea why, it just started doing this a couple of months ago after i'd had the phone for a year. I was going to install the 700p update until i came and read about all the problems people are having. If it continues, I'm finally pulling the plug on my palm days.

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