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    I am new to Resco Backup and was wondering what settings in Advanced section of Schedule other people use.
    I am trying Resco since I believe some of my crashes are caused by the DB Cache on my 700p. All of the advanced options are unchecked by default, what does everyone else have checked??

    Anyone check all of them and not have any problems??

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    My settings, not yours though:

    I use normal compression - Project Setup

    I "lock Risky Apps"

    I also routinely execute a full backup every day at a bit after 10p.

    Under "advanced" I have all four options checked.

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    The only item I have checked in "Advanced Settings" is "Prevent DbCache Fragmentation."

    I use 3 backup sets limit (use more if you have plenty of card storage. I backup daily at 4 a.m.

    Also a somewhat obscure setting is to go to Menu -> Options -> Scheduler.
    I have items 1,2 & 4 checked. Most important IMHO is "Allow Scheduled Backup" and "Turn off after scheduled backup!!!!!" Normal compression works for me too. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks alot!!!!

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