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    Couple of quick questions:

    Will the new 680 still be plagued with random resets and freezes like I am going though now with my 650? Or is this a newer version of Palm OS, or will the increase in memory help this? Also now that PalmOS is powered by Access, does this mean anything?

    Lastly, does Bluetooth 1.2 offer better conectivity over the 650 BT? i.e. better connection to my car kit, headset, and any Voice Dialing?

    I am almost ready to jump ship to a WM5 device, as many around here are, but if this 680 can be any more reliabale I may stick around a little longer.
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    The increase in memory could help a lot. It's basically the same old Palm OS. Any updates are likely to be minor. Access bought the OS source code and rights. It's still the same old, same old, underneath.

    But I really think your reliability problems aren't the fault of the 650, but rather the combination of software you have loaded on it. I replaced my 650 with a 700p last week, but it's always been extremetly reliable. I bet I didn't get an unprovoked reset more than once a month. I did try some programs that made it unstable (either because they were poorly written, or conflicted with some other program), but I removed them. I ended up with a very stable, heavily configured (several dozen programs, multiple "background" apps) 650. It is readily doable.

    Don't use Bluetooth, so don't know what benefits 1.2 offers.
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