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    I have been a treo fan for years. I know everything about them and have almost everyone made. The 700P is in my opinion he pinnacle of treo development so far. I have recently tried the 700wx for about 30 days and kind of liked it. I would like to let everyone know that after using a Treo 700p, 700wx and BB 8703 i have made a choice to stick with one. The result might surprise you.

    Lets see the good, bad and ugly for each phone.
    Phone: Phone is above average for a cell phone. Speakerphone is very good also. Much better than treo 600 and 650. Bluetooth is usable and connects very consistantly and is miles better than treo 600 and 650. Additional Memory over provious treos makes phone faster between menus in the 700p , and all around just works better. Keyboard was never improved from tro 600 which is a suprise. I alwayd felt keys were small and hard to dial numbers while driving.
    700p apps:
    Of course what makes a good phone great are the apps. There are some killer apps that the treo could simply not do without. The 1st most important for a pda is of course the email client. Snappermail is the king. Who ever wrote the code for this app should be working for palm one. Miles better than versamail (un-usable and possibly worst email client avail.). One of the best email clients for any phone. Truly award winning stuff.
    Documents to go does a very good job at handle all office type documents. Very easy to read,loads fast and easy to alter docs and re-email out. A great part of the treo experience that could not do without.
    Pda net is a must buy as well. Connecting to internet for free! at very fast evdo speeds. The only issue i have is that is very unstable. Many times dis-connects in middle of being online.very annoying and not the best written program but its 100% needed, as there are no there other modem tethering programs out there. Browser works very well and does the job. Camera and video recorder are the best of any pda cell phone available and user interface for storing pics and videos is world class. Games on treo are also good. Tetris, galaxain and ms pac man are good and enjoyable.
    One of main features of the treo is the ability to sync with palm desktop. The ability to enter contacts on the desktop and have all pictures and videos synced is awesome as well. SD storage is also amazing feature to have and a real bonus. All in all the treo 700p is currently my favorite treo. Im not quite sure Palm would make a treo 680, with less features. Boggles my mind.

    Treo 700wx. I bought one of these (taking advantage of sprints 30 day trial policy) and was pleasently surprised. Past version of windows mobile were painfully cumbersome in the interface dept. They lack the intuitiveness of plam os and were a real pain. What would take one or two steps in treo would take 4 or five on windows. With 5.0 that changed everything. 5.0 is a giant leap forward and with all of palms improvements that are exclusive to palm i actually enjoyed myself. Day after day usinf the 700wx it was growing on me. I started liking it. Then i started using the blue tooth and using speakerphone and was blown away how terrible both of these are on treo 700wx. The speaker phone sounds tinny and is way below 700p in performance. Blue tooth is un-usable. (sounds like im under the ground people say) Regular phone also is not as clear as treo 700p. It could be a software thing. Email in 5.0 is way better than versamail on treo 700p, but way below snappermail in reliability and interface. Lack of threaded sms is a major flaw, as im in constant contact on an hourly basis with wife and employees. saves on annoying phone calls. word,excel and pdf reader work well and very well done in 5.0. Internet explorer works blazingly fast and is a joy to use. Pda net works much better with 700wx and there are no stability issues. data speeds are just as fast as treo 700p and works very well. a major drawback is lack of palm desktop syncing. really ruins part of the experience. All in all still not a treo 700p and needless to say it was returned in less than 30 days. The ultimate killer was poor phone call quality, poor bluetooth, no threaded sms, no palm desktop, and minor buggy os.

    Now for the real surprise. After returning the 700wx I thought of taking a 30 day spin of the Blackberry 8703. I was surpised that with a blackberry plan it comes out to only 5 dollars more that unlimted internet, unlimited text with treo 700p. I held phone for 1st time and immediatly liked its form factor. Felt much ligher than treo and feels like half its weight.Thinner too! Keyboard feels 3 generations ahead of treo and now dialing on the 8703 while driving is actually enjoyable. You can actually write long detailed letters on the blackberry. After leaving the sprint store i called my wife on speakerphone. She said it was crystal clear and sounded like i was on a landline phone. With speakerphone off it sounded slightly better she said. Paired it with a motorla h500 headset. Again good quality and pairs every time a call is answered. By now im playing with email. Set it up for 2 AOL accounts and one msn. Within Minutes emails are seemlessly streaming in real time to my phone, with no fuss, no errors and no additional input needed once setup. Im in heaven by now. Contacts have email ,sms, and all info expected from a pda. Browser works flawlessly. Themes are very nice as are included wallpaper. Im starting to love trackwheel,its so easy doing one handed everything on this phone. Using 8703 as a tethered modem is far and away the best surprise. Downloading free software from you can use the laptop to cruise the interenet at crazy fast speeds. Seems 30% faster than treo 700p using pda net and is 100% rock solid stable. No beta this from software here.!! Hooks up every time and its very , very fast. The impression i get from the blackberry 8703 is that its an industrial strength and a pro grade PDA that excels in all areas of performance. The email app on this is about 10 years ahead of anything out there. There simply is no better PDA phone. Ive used almost all of them. The only downsides are no camera,no video,no threaded sms and no external storage. I hear the upcomung 8800 will address all these issues.I also hear that os 4.2 is on the way to sprint and should have some upgrades over 4.1. on the 8703. Im excited and love this phone. My cell phone has now officially become a business tool.

    sorry guys. for now im a convert. ive switched over to the bb side.


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    I liked your review a lot. I came froma Cingular BB to the VZW 700p. I like a lot of the features but always missed the BB. Wanted to go with the 8703e for a few weeks now.

    The things that keep me with the 700p are the following.
    -Calendar app is 2nd to none. Being able to color coordinate your days and view it as a month is the best
    -tasks app on the treo are a million times better then the BB
    -email, yes email on the treo with the versa mail app is pretty nice. Lol, has a lot of problems but has a feature the BB email doesn't have. You can have more then one account being sent to seperate email windows. For example I have a main work email, I have my own small buisness email and a personal email I share with my wife. You can respond to all these accounts from each seperate account, not your one generic BB address.

    Things I miss a lot from my BB.
    -OS is simple, easy to use and never slows up or freezes
    -one handed use. No need to have a plastic stick to speed up moving around.
    -contact app is nice. No need to get 3rd party apps to look up by company name.
    -fits nicly in the hand.
    -keyboard beats the crap out of the treo's
    -battery life is great

    Man...I might be coming back to the BB soon too!
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    form factor, touchscreen, windows mobile, and more software keeps me on the treo
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    Hey, just so you know that the sprint BB 8703 does have seprate email icons for each account, along with one master icon for all accounts. The original cingular 8700 does not ! have that.!!!

    I guess the sprint is on somewhat updated software. Can anyone comment?
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    Sure there is lots of software available for the palm and win. You'll need it all too! Lol, I like both of the above. They have plus's and negatives just like BB.

    I don't think BB has the same function as versa mail. In versa mail you can get email sent to you from and just like a BB. But with the versa mail you can reply and have the "from" say either or depending on what account you are in. With the BB you pick one generic "from" and all replies to your handful of accounts linked to your BB will get that same "from".

    This sucks when you work for different companies or want to keep one account as far away from being connected with another. This feature alone is what keeps me with the Treo. So if someone knows how to do this with the BB let me know so I can jump ship!
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    Updating the BIS account to version 4.2 I think is what gives you the separate mail boxes. I think Cingular has already made the upgrade too.
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    This allows responses from the Blackberry to come from different addresses.
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    my next phone will be a BB.. unless the treo of the future is absolutely outstanding.
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    Its BIS version 2.0 which allows responses from a Blackberry to come from different addresses.
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    yes when you wite an email it also alllows you to choose which mailbox to send from. very cool.

    BTW Verichat works great on 8703. Use my msn account.
    Also berry411 is amazing.

    i need a good office suite.anyone know whats best ?
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    I love how we are turning this thread into a BB topic. I don't have a BIS or any type of way to use the other great email programs like chatter. Versamail or the BB email forwarding service are my only options. For me the versamail works best. Even if its nothing but a pain in the ****. I need those seperate "from" emails when sending out. The Treo is a great phone if you invest the time to add some 3rd party apps, it can be on par with most BB type apps. Plus you can't beat the calender, tasks and over all look of the phone. Its a true "geek" phone compared to the true "business" phone of the BB.
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    How is the BB8703 in regards to ease of use w/ internet, and can it also do word/excel? I have the 700wx and I love it, but these SMS problems are very frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo1234 View Post
    For me the versamail works best. Even if its nothing but a pain in the ****. I need those seperate "from" emails when sending out.
    BIS 2.0 changed this just so you know. You can set the BIS service up to spoof as many "from" addresses as you want. No longer just "reply to". Best yet, if you are replying the BB automatically chooses the proper from address to spoof.

    Unless you have exchange and a wm5 device or a BB with BES/exchange you are not going to find a better email service than BIS 2.0.

    Most of the major carriers updated to 2.0 six months ago.
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    The standard Web browser and is fast and intuitive. I like it better than blazer and it seems faster. I also downloaded opera mini for free via ota download which was cool. I like opera much better and seems to be one of the best browers for any pda period. Its crazy fast , allows alot of screen real estate and you can actualy browse forums on it without fuss. it navigates and works very fast. I chose the light version, not sure what deluxe version has.

    Phone is still rock solid and runs great. Not one crash yet. Its amazing.

    easgerly awaiting os 4.2. i hear its even better!
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    So mmm208, how does the 8703e deal with attachments from emails? Does it natively support MS DOCS or do you know if there is a program that supports those type of files for the BB? I am so used to POS that I know nothing about the BB, but I am entertaining a switch.

    Thanks for all the insight. You have definately caught my attention as I am really struggling to justify the Treo 700p with all of the issues I am experiencing.
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    Not sure what the programs are called, but back when I had a 75XX or something BB I could open any attachment sent to me, either in excel or word ect...

    In order to make your own excel or edit one you have to get a 3rd party app.

    I edit excel all the time but only tried it once on the treo and it was a nightmare. Best left to a computer for things like that. I doubt the BB is any better....but you do get that wide screen so maybe. The screen on the 8703e is better rated then the 700p. Think i saw the screen ratings on
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    The interesting point you made is that the reasons you did not like the 700wx are the same a lot of us don't like the 700p. Obviously your 700p did not experience the issues some of us have.

    That said, as strictly a business tool, I agree the BB is probably superior. For an overall device that I can use for navigation (land and air), video, business, and just about anything else, IMO, the other two OSs are better.
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    I too took advantange of Sprint 30 day trial period. Let me say that I was extremely excited about the 700wx, and to be quite honest I really enjoyed the device however the sms problem prompted me to look towards the 700p

    The 700p in my opinion is one of the worst devices ever made. When navigating through applications the device would constantly reset itself. Not to mention blazer as a web browser was a joke.

    After 700p BB 8703 was a breath of fresh air. I primarly use my device for school but with this device is forever in my hands. Third party apps work like a charm, teathering is a breeze and not to mention the device is sexy as hell if you are looking for a device with a lot of bells and whistles then 8703 is probably not for you. But at the end of the day if you need a device that actually works and performs as it should I would defintiely stick with the 8703
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    Miss my BB 7250, but...

    The 7250 was probably the best phone I have ever had. It never crashed, got great reception, all the best apps cost zero (ooh, berry411), phenomenal email, phenomenal PIM syncing (everything OTA), threw it at a metal door once and dented the door (seriously), the list really continues, but...

    When I am lying on my death bed am I going to be glad that I got that email 1 second sooner and didn't have to sync as much? No. Im going to be glad I got to have those picture moments when I didn't want to lug around my camera. Im going to be glad that I got to see bright pictures without having to see six million icons on top of it, Im going to be glad that I could have fun with a camera, Im going to be glad I could actually receive MMSs. Im going to be ok paying $60 for real push from chatteremail.

    All in all, I went from 650 to BB to 700p just for the multimedia, cause I care more about capturing my life than I do my business habits. The 700p can do that whereas the 7250 was a phenomenal phone, but couldn't play very well. Im giving Palm 6 months to fix the issues (680 phone app, laggy SMS, horrible BT), then Im back to BB most likely.
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    I gotta have my touch screen. I can't go back to a non touch screen phone
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