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    what is the exact model # of the transcend 4gb card that works?
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    The 1gb Sandisc ultra I had with my 650 was really slow until i reformatted it in the phone, then it improved dramatically. Try that with the transcend as I've heard it's pretty fast. I just got the 4gb transcend and it's in my 650 until I get my 680. It only recognizes half of the space. What happens when I put more than 2gbs on the card? Will it just not see that data? Or will it screw up something else?
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    Those are goof questions. I have one too and was waiting for my 680 but now I put it in my 650 with same results. frankly I'm worried it may have been a bad investment. if the 650 doesn't see 4Gs there's no reason the 680 would. Perhaps you're right and you can load it up past that 2G point anyway. So i'll try that later today.
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    Well I took it home. It reads 4G on my laptop. It also reads 4G in FileZ. But I cannot card info them nor anything beyond 1.8, but I really don't have it filled with just Palm files, so maybe my test is somewhat invalid. Butnone of the palm files read also--and I have about 1.8G of them as well. Nothing, when the card contents exceed 2G as far as I can see. I'm a bit worried how this is going to work, if at all, in my 680, beyond 2G.
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    Works fine with my 150x Transcend 4GB card also.
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    I tried adding more than 2 gbs of data, it adds fine and is read fine from the computer, the 650 will see the data, it just says that it can't be accessed.

    Does the 680 read your card when it's formatted in fat32?
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