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    Since the enfora wifi is dependant on the size of the battery. Would you think, or has someone tested, that the enfora wifi sled works with the 680?
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    Well, I would imagine it wouldn't work as the Enfora program most likely won't run on the 680. I have the Enfora sled, and if you have a 680, then I can test it for you (I'm Vancity too!).

    Too bad it isn't released yet.
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    O.O i didnt even think of that, here i am trying to determin whethjer or not im going to buy this thing based on whether or not it'll eventually support wifi and i forgot that the 650 got wifi support too lol i have the enfora sled for my 600 and it works great but the only web rowser i can get to work on my 600 is the built in one which doesnt support some sites, like myspace and that pisses me off >.<
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    I hope so.
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