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    Is anyone else having a problem with recieving and sending SMS messages this weekend? One minute they seem to arrive and send out ok and then it just stops... I will get a message someone sent hours later and they don't even get my reply. Just curious to see if anyone else is having this problem today. (I'm in the Chicago area) Thanks.
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    I've had this problem off and on with Sprint's SMS network, living on the West Coast. Have yet to track it down, even after wasting the obligitory hours with Sprint support who apparently don't have databases to lookup error numbers...
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    I am having a problem sending text messages to my friend who has a T700P on Sprint. I am sending it from my T700P on Verizon. Seems like Sprint hasn't fixed their SMS problems.
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    What I did just to see what would happen was go to sprints website and sent myself a text from there... it pushed 15 messages I was supposed to recieve this morning through and now everything seems ok...
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    Not here in Los Angeles, but I'm sure it will happen soon, it always does
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    It started again not long ago, I've been sending messages to myself from the website to push all my texts... this is a pain. Hopefully it clears up real soon.
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    It happens to be both In Santa Monica, and in Orange County. For the last couple months I wouldn't get text messages randomly, and I would take the battery out, wait 10 seconds, put it back in - I would then have a bunch of old texts come in I had never seen.

    I called tech support and they say its a known issue and to wait it out.

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