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    I have 2 600s. (Long story).

    #2: The handset speaker has ceased functioning. I can hear the party on the other end of the call with a headset, but not the handset speaker.

    Any ideas?
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    Search for 'earpiece speaker' in this forum. If you are comfortable in opening up your Treo, it's an easy fix - just bend the connector to make better contact. I've done this with no problem.
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    The issue got more interesting today. I had never used the speaker phone option, so I tried it intending to use it as a stopgap until I could really fix the problem. When I select SPEAKER PHONE, I can also hear the caller through the handset speaker. Therefore the handset speaker is functional.

    Now that is weird. I have changed the REAR or speakerphone speaker and stretched the springs on speaker out a little, so I know how to do that. But I am confused about the handset speaker now working with a call unless SPEAKER PHONE is selected.

    Ant ideas about that
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    Same thing here - Can you really hear it thru the handset speaker, or is the speakerphone(rear) speaker just really loud so you hear it THRU the phone. I personally think my speaker is dead and I was able to pop open the treo but couldn't do anything to revive the earphone (front) speaker.

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