I got a car kit free with my purchase of a motorola v65s a while ago. After my original reluctance to use it, I've found myself using it constantly and it has proven to become invaluable; so much so that I can't even see myself giving up my motorola phone even though I've got the treo.

I was wondering if there is a car kit similar to the Motorola HF series available for the treo 700?

Basically, the HF series is a proclaimed "self-install car kit." It includes a cup holder sized "base," speaker + "charger" cable + mic cable thing. So, all you have to do is hook up your motorola phone to the "charger" cable, and you can use the mic (which i clip to my shirt) and the external speaker thing with absolutely no problem.

I know motorola is the king of the speakerphone, but I'm hoping that I can find a much similar solution for the treo 700w (external speaker, corded/cordless mic).

Any help would be appreciated.



Did I answer my own question? Anyone have any experience with this?