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    My main gripe with the 650 is that there is no option to receive delivery reports when sending SMS Messages.

    I live in the UK (and therefore have never seen the 700p). Has this problem since been solved i.e. does the 680 have the option for delivery reports?

    Many thanks
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    Having grown accustomed to delivery reports, this was a real problem for me when I switched to the Treo 650, especially when sending messages abroad. I actually sent Palm an email asking about this and they helpfully suggested that the best way to know if a message was delivered was when I got a reply. Which to this day is the best reply I've had from any company ever. I'm with Orange and there is a code you input at the beginning of a text which requests a delivery report but after a while I just didn't bother and have got used to it. In fact when I use a different device I find the delivery reports a bit annoying.

    I would be very surprised if this makes it to the 680. Although you would have thought that with Palm supposedly catering to us Europeans by removing the antenna they would add the little things we have taken for granted in our Nokias and Sony Ericssons.
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    most carriers provide some codes that you can use for delivery notification. e.g. tmobile using *noti#

    googling reveals this:

    SMS Message Delivery Confirmation
    Some GSM handsets have a built-in feature to let you know when your SMS message has been delivered, which may be a nice feature to have. If your handset doesn't support this or you wish to manually use this feature then prefix your outgoing message with either 111 or *noti#, such as:

    To: +1-250-555-1212
    Message: 111Hey Steve -- give me a call ASAP

    The recipient of the message won't receive the "111" or "*noti#" at the beginning of the message, but you will receive a confirmation that it has been delivered to their handset. Note that not all GSM networks support this feature (e.g., Fido in Canada supports 111, T-Mobile supports *noti#)
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    it doesn't appear that Cingular supports either.
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    can you change the sms gateway on the treo? if so you could change the gateway to another provider (you can find a few on the net) and that would (in theory) work?

    not sure tho if i am right.

    I thought the GSM feature codes are part of the GSM standard. they should support it.

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