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    I figure I gave the Martin Field's screen protector a try after the one came with the 700p kinda wears (just a little ). this a little feedback after 2 weeks of trying out.

    The screen protector it self is great as all the others review, but I had trouble keeping the dust clear when I applied around the corners. The protector feel thicker and stiffer than the one I had seem before. I had try the one came w/ Treo and Fellowes and this seems like a keeper ... hope I can use it for 2 more years

    As for the ball point stylus... the original stylus feels more solid on the hand. Martin Field's plastic parts just feels "cheap" and it's much lighter. When sliding the Martin Field's Stylus into my Treo 700p holder it does feel "tight" unlike the original stylus slided in very smooth... that is just how I feel.

    I guess it's for stylus for protector!
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    i purchased a EXiM Screen Protector on eBay. these things are made in japan and are washable & reusable, UV Protection, Anti-Scratch, and ultra clear. i'm guessing its similar to the martin fields screen protector, they are thick and when writing on top of it, it simply glides. i also had issues with the edges. i had to disassemble the housing to have full access to the touch screen and then lay down the screen protector.
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    I have nothing but good to say about my Boxwave anti-glare screen protector. The one that I just put on my 700P had been on my 600 and 650 before it.
    And I just carry my Treo in my pocket--not case to protect it from the world. It's several years old, and has only a few minor scratches on it. If you order one, don't even bother with the three pack--you'll end up giving the 2nd and 3rd away.
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    if my MF wears out I'll sure to give Boxwave a try maybe Treo 1000 j/k
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