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    If anyone is in the market for a bluetooth enabled car stereo to use with your Treo, I found a great "all-in-one" that's not quite as expensive as some of the other options out there. It's called the NVG670-WT and is made by a company called Valor. I've never heard of the company before, but I bought one (with a 2 year guarantee just in case) and I've been VERY impressed. This thing does it ALL. Here's a quick list of features:

    - Built-in TV
    - DVD player
    - GPS navigation
    - XM Satellite radio capable (cable included)
    - Ipod control capable (cable included)
    - Bluetooth phone connectivity (connects to my Treo 650 automatically with no problems)
    - SD Card Reader
    - Multizone capable (kids can watch a movie with the rear feed while parents listen to the radio in the front)
    - Backup camera capable
    - Plays MP3 DVDs (not just CDs like most units)... I've got 1200 songs on one DVD!!!

    I bought my unit from someone on Ebay for $1250 brand new with a two year guarantee. I know it's expensive, but with all the features I think it's worth it. BTW... the one I bought was a double DIN, but they have a single DIN version as well.

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'm REALLY happy with it so far!!
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    Now that you have had the Valor unit for a while, can you please indicate the strengths/weaknesses. I have only found one other review and the fellow was complaining about mp3 cd flakiness. Since this is not the most important feature for me, I am interested to know about navigation feature convenience, bluetooth operation and DVD issues. Thanks in advance for your time, but there are not many people offering opinions on this unit and it seems to pack in a lot of features for the money.

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    I have the unit model NVG670-W, which is a great product and has many features. My question is if I install a Garmin map GPS software, will it work here?

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