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    According to Engadget they received an inside PowerPoint presentation outlining Cingular's release of the Treo 680. One picture included is black or dark grey color of the Treo 680. Will this be Cingular's release color, and the other 4 colors (graphite, copper, crimson, arctic) will only be released from the store as unlocked phones?
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    good call, that makes sense.
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    Hard to tell, the hardbuttons appear different in the two photos, so one could be a pre-production unit. I read elsewhere that some pre-productions (outside USA) were a darker color.
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    The first image looks like a render. A nice looking render, but still....the second one (granite, or whatever they're calling it) is most likely it.
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    Black would be nice. I hope they make it generally available!
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    The image is just the graphite one that someone adjusted slightly differently in photoshop. There is no black one, no special color. A lot of excitement over nothing.
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    Yes, I am looking forward to black also. I like the new colors but black always looks so much cleaner.
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    We Want Black !!!!!
    Need WIFI, 3.5G, slim and light form factor for Treo to win me back from Samsung i600 !!!!!
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    i actually don't care which color Cingular gets - I just need a replacement for my current Treo, and I need it quick!
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    The only reason I want black is because black looks so much cleaner and hides a lot of the scratches I usually get on my 700p
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    yes, but do we have any more idea as to when? i'm currently using a razr with cingular cuz my 600 crapped out on me, but i'm going through serious withdrawals and i have only 2 weeks left that i can return it *whines*
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    Black with rubbery material will be great
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    That dudes got a lot of text messages to answer....
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    This morning has picked up the same story and confusion about a possible black treo, here is the site
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    Perhaps Cingular got an exclusive on black?

    Otherwise it wouldn't make sense not to include black as one of the original 4 colors. I can't believe they would sell more red than black. Black looks sleek and chic.


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