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    Mistakenly posted this in the PalmOS App forum. I suspect it would be more appropriate here:


    Due to a variety of reasons I've lost my Calendar on my Treo 700p and don't have a recent/decent SD Card or PC backup... except on my Mac.

    I admit I don't understand the interplay of iSync, HotSync and Palm Desktop. However, I seem to have done some semi-successful Backups to the Mac a week ago.

    I have nothing in the Calendar of Palm Desktop, but I have a fully populated iCal with all my Treo Calendar entries therein.

    How can I restore just my Calendar to my Treo?

    Bill Petro
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    Can't you go into the sync preferences in the palm desktop and uncheck all but calendar?
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    LJCobb, I think BillPetro is saying that his calendar is in iCal, not the Palm desktop. In that case he'll need to use iSync to sync to the Treo. Start iSync, then go to "Add Devices" and take it from there. Use the help screens if necessary. You can choose to sync just the calendar if you want. It's all pretty straightforward IMHO. Once you've configured iSync, you do a HotSync just like you always do. Just to be safe, from iCal do a File / Backup Database before the iSync, and restore your calendar from the same menu if the sync messes up your iCal calendar.

    Here's how I think of the relationships between things:

    1. The Mac's Address Book and iCal apps are replacements for the Palm Desktop Addresses and Datebook apps.

    2. iSync is a HotSync conduit for the Mac Address Book and iCal applications that syncs said info with the Treo Calendar and Contacts apps. Addresses and appointments created in Address Book and iCal on the Mac will sync with the Treo. Addresses and appointments created on the Treo will sync with Address Book and iCal on the Mac. (With some limitations, as listed in a Sticky at the top of this forum.)

    3. If you use iSync, then you don't use the Palm conduits for the Palm Desktop Addresses and DateBook apps. In fact, when you configure iSync, it will move the Palm conduits to a separate folder and disable them. (You can always re-enable them later if you go back to the Palm desktop apps.

    4. If you use iSync, you can still use the Palm Desktop Addresses and DateBook apps, but their info won't be moved to the Treo, nor will info created on the Treo be moved to the Palm Desktop apps.

    Hope this helps...
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