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    Well I've read about the Treo 650 loops here, and now I'm a victim. After going through 4 Verizon 650s when I signed up last year, I've been very happy with my current one, until this morning when it started its endless loop. When I bring it to the Verizon store and they can't fix it, do they give you a new Treo, or someone's used one? Can I upgrade for free to a 700? Thanks for any answers.
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    I had problems with my phone restarting after trying the 1.05 firmware update. Phone basically reboots everytime I try to turn the phone on. I took it to vzw in Columbia, MD and they basically just put me on the phone with tech support who after having me hard reset, agreed to RMA the phone for $50. I asked about upgrading to a 700p, they basically said I can upgrade for 399 with my NE2 and extending my agreement. I think I'll stick with the $50

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